Why choosing the Grenadines for your next kite trip ?

The Grenadines ... Instinctively, this destination evokes in each of us a sweetness of life, the tropics, turquoise lagoons, islands with lush vegetation, multicolored fish, cocktails made from rum ... A certain idea of paradise!

It is also a swarm of kite spots with very favorable conditions

     An air temperature between 26 ° and 32 ° 
     A water temperature between 27 ° and 29 °
   Wind statistics favorable to practice from November to July
    Shallow water spots, downwinds, waves, flat
   Reduced distance between spots to optimize water time!


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Trade wind... 

Let's talk wind conditions!

From November to July, the trade wind is established. The warm and constant wind offers perfect conditions. Want to try a new trick? Do not hesitate, no fear of being snatched by a burst in full attempt!

Desire to learn ? The steady wind will help you get started safely and your progress will only be faster and more enjoyable!

Various kitesurf spots 

Unless you're looking for big waves to surf, everyone will find their perfect spot in the Grenadines. From immense lagoons to enchanting beauty for a freeride with flat spots like a mirror for a pure freestyle session, all spots are within a maximum of 90 minutes of catamaran sailing.

Desert kite spots

Getting to Grenadines by plane is difficult and very expensive. The boat is the main access to this tropical paradise. This isolation allows to enjoy spots never cluttered. You will be amazed to find yourself alone on world class spots! The joys of cata kite!

We leave the wetsuite at home !

We forget the neoprene! No need to take a wetsuit! Here the water is at 28 ° C for an outside temperature around 30 ° c. We are never cold!

However, it is recommanded to wear a long-sleeved shirt and sunscreen index 50! For you girls, you should opt for a long-sleeved jersey! If you want to rider in bikini ... Take the stock of sunscreen!

Bob, cap, sombrero, glasses, ... highly recommended!

Reef shoes are recommended to avoid feet cuts on the corals

If you have any doubt, read What to put in your luggage for a cruise ?


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Kitesurf Spots in the Grenadines

Tobagos Cays - freeride

Tobago Cays spots, the freerider paradise !

A vast lagoon with turquoise emerald waters, the takeoff is from the small island of Jamesby. Then feel free to ride around the different islands. You will ride with the company of many green turtles. The smell of grilled lobster prepared by Romeo will take you out of this aquatic dream!

Beauty of the spot :            

Quality of the spot :    

Orientation : On | Deep water          

spot kitesurf grenadines | petit tabac | grenadream

Petit Tabac - freeride

Small island east of the main lagoon of Tobago Cays, it offers a wild nature. Natural scenery used in the movie Pirates of Caribbean, it could as well be Robinson Island. The anchorage can accommodate only about four boats at the same time ... Almost every time, you will be the only ones on the water. It's up to you to choose between riding in the lagoon or going around the island in the ultramarine blue!

Beauty of the spot :        Quality of the spot :    

Orientation : Side-On (in the lagoon) | Shallow water in the lagoon

Mayreau ...

Mayreau - Salt Whistle Bay - freeride and waves

You must have seen one day a picture or a video of kite at this place! This spot is the icon of the kite catamaran cruise or "cata kite"!
The catamaran sits in one of the most beautiful creeks of the Caribbean, a piece of sand shaded with coconut trees in front of a spot freeride / waves!

Beauty of the spot :        Quality of the spot :   

Orientation : Side-On (in the lagoon) | Shallow water in the lagoon

Mayreau - Windward Bay - freeride et freestyle

At the wind of Mayreau, this immense spot offers an adventure ground out of norms. On the other hand, as it is not possible to an anchor for the night, no catamaran of classic cruise can be around ... it is the insurance to ride between mates only! If the tide conditions are favorable, under the wind of several reefs, the spot is totally flat perfect for freestyle!

Beauty of the spot :         Quality of the spot :   

Orientation : On  | Deep water

Union Island...

Union - Clifton (Kitebeach & Happy Island) - freestyle

Jérémie Tronet was pretty smart the day he decided to set up his kite school on this spot! Just in front of a shallow lagoon sheltered by a coral reef that will allow you to redefine the concept of flat water! This spot is the paradise of freestylers! The constant wind and the spot allow everyone to fully express themselves ! Be careful however, under the wind of the spot, all boats are at anchor, a full autonomy of the rider is required ... At risk of finding your kite attached to the mast of one of the catamarans! At the opposite side of the JT ProCenter School ... is Happy Island, an island of about 15 meters in diameter totally occupied by a rasta bar! Enjoying a pina colada, listening some reggae while looking at / teasing your friend's tricks always on / under water!

Beauty of the spot :        Quality of the spot :   

Orientation : Side-Off | Shallow water 

Union - Big Sand -  freeride ans waves

When the swell comes from the north, the strapless lovers find their happiness on this spot in the north of the island of Union where unroll waves!

Beauty of the spot :         Quality of the spot :   

Orientation : Side-On  | Deep water

Fregate Island ...

Union - Fregate -  freestyle, freeride and beginners

Between the island of Union and Fregate, a thin band of coral connects them. Under his wind, a huge flat spot! Everyone can have fun ! The freestyler , the freerider who can explore the village of Ashton at the bottom of the bay, the mangrove, a deep water that will prevent injury and the Off orientation to offer only water as a clearing area! Classes are of course secured with a boat that tracks the progress of the student.

Beauty of the spot :       Quality of the spot :   

Orientation : Off  | deep water

palm Island Grenadines | grenadream | kiteboard spot west indies cruises

Palm Island - freeride and waves

You have to reach this spot by riding from the island of Union. This spot requires an advanced level in kite. The crossing in full water and the wind's conditions does not make it possible for security reasons to bring occasional kitters even autonomous.

This spot offers the joy of being able to connect, just by riding, two different islands, when the conditions are appropriate, a left wave unrolls on a coral reef!

Beauty of the spot :       Quality of the spot :  

Orientation : Off  | deep water

spot kitesurf morpion | croisière kite grenadines | grenadream

Morpion Island - freeride

Tiny islet in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It consists only of a sandbar surmounted by a coconut palms umbrella. This unusual place will leave you with a unique memory!

Possibility of Downwind from Petit Saint Vincent or towards Union !

Beauty of the spot :      Quality of the spot :  

Orientation : Off  | deep water


If you've ever wanted to sail in the big blue, island to island ...


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Ride, jump, ...

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